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Western and Vedic Astrology Consultations

Consultations are by appointment, usually on the telephone or skype and sometimes in person. I use both a western psychological approach and vedic predictive techniques in my work. A consultation includes preparing and studying the various charts in advance from the information you have provided and then one hour with you.

I need the date, place and time of your birth. For the best results I require a very accurate birth time and as much information and detail as possible on the source of your information and the likely accuracy of the time of your birth.

If you do not have a recorded time of birth, I will cast a chart for the approximate time you give me. If you do not know the time at all, I will cast a chart for noon on your date of birth. However, without an accurate time of birth the chart shows less information. In these circumstances, should you wish, I can carry out a rectification of your birth time. This is a separate consultation at an additional cost, see below for further details.

Personal Consultation - Western and Vedic Astrology

During a personal consultation we will first look at your birth chart and will discuss your personality and the significant experiences in your life with a view for you to gain some clarity and insight into your present circumstances.

Second, we will look at the current position of the planets in relation to your chart. by transit, progression and direction and at the planetary period you are running and we will discuss your current situation. This may help you with any decisions you are considering.

In a personal consultation I will focus on one or several different areas in life such as family, home, finance, relationships, career, health, etc. When a very accurate birth time is given, I will look at the appropriate divisional charts.

Finally, should you require,we may explore ways in which you can set goals and learn useful tactics for coping with stressful situations. We may also discuss any negative attitude or response which you may wish to work on in order to bring about positive changes in your life and your relationships.

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Relationship Consultation

In a Relationship Consultation I compare the charts of two persons and study their relationship. This can be very helpful as it can highlight the areas and extent of compatibility between two people. It can help both parties, whether in a business, a marriage or the parental home, to develop a deeper understanding of each other's needs, identify areas of potential conflict and suggest ways to resolve difficulties.

In the dynamic aspect of this session I will look at the relationship of the current planetary positions to the two charts. This will indicate the periods of harmony in the relationship as well as the periods of potential difficulty and issues that may arise in the next few months. To carry out a Relationship Consultation I require the name and gender and the time, date and place of birth of both parties as well as the nature of the relationship; eg, husband and wife, or friends, or business partners, or life partners, or parent and child, etc.

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Rectification Consultation

When you do not know the exact time of your birth, it may be possible to rectify an approximate time through a detailed examination of all major life events. This is very time consuming and requires several hours of work. I specialise in rectification as I believe that it is not possible to obtain very satisfactory results without an accurate time of birth. I use standard western techniques such as primary mundane directions and the vedic technique of fitting life events to planetary dashas and correcting by the use of the fine divisional charts. I also use a specialised software programme to corroborate my work. Although I use some very technical methods to rectify the chart, I must stress that this exercise is more of an art than a science. If the time of birth is known to approximately two hours, it is very useful and usually quite accurate in the result. It is also worth carrying out a rectification if the time of birth is within a 6 hour period. However, if the time of birth is not known, then I would not normally undertake the assignment as it is not possible to verify the results.

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Child Horoscope Consultation

Each child is unique and experiences its parents in a unique way. In a consultation on a child's horoscope it can help you to understand your child better. It is particularly helpful to compare the charts of the parents with the child as this helps to develop a more aware relationship with the child and to cater more exactly for the child's emotional needs. A comparison of sibling charts can help parents cope with sibling rivalry. For this kind of consultation I will require the data of the parent and the child or of the children involved. In complex family relationships more than one consultation may be required to cover all aspects of various relationships.

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