Mariella Cassar  

Child Horoscope Consultation

Each child is unique and experiences its parents in a unique way. In a consultation on a child's horoscope it can help you to understand your child better. It is particularly helpful to compare the charts of the parents with the child as this helps to develop a more aware relationship with the child and to cater more exactly for the child's emotional needs.

A comparison of sibling charts can help parents cope with sibling rivalry. For this kind of consultation I will require the data of the parent and the child or of the children involved. In complex family relationships more than one consultation may be required to cover all aspects of various relationships.

Child Horoscope Consultation - £90

Full Name (As you wish it to appear on the Chart and on any Report)
Date of Birth (Please write the month by name not in numerals)
Place of Birth (Include town and country. If born in a very small village please name the nearest town to it
Time of Birth (Please give your local time and do not adjust it in any way, if unknown please enter 12:00)

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