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Rectification Consultation

When you do not know the exact time of your birth, it may be possible to rectify an approximate time through a detailed examination of all major life events. This is very time consuming and requires several hours of work. I specialise in rectification as I believe that it is not possible to obtain very satisfactory results without an accurate time of birth. I use standard western techniques such as primary mundane directions and the vedic technique of fitting life events to planetary dashas and correcting by the use of the fine divisional charts.

I also use a specialised software programme to corroborate my work. Although I use some very technical methods to rectify the chart, I must stress that this exercise is more of an art than a science. If the time of birth is known to approximately two hours, it is very useful and usually quite accurate in the result. It is also worth carrying out a rectification if the time of birth is within a 6 hour period. However, if the time of birth is not known, then I would not normally undertake the assignment as it is not possible to verify the results.

Rectification of Birth Time - £120

Full Name (As you wish it to appear on the Chart and on any Report)
Date of Birth (Please write the month by name not in numerals)
Place of Birth (Include town and country. If born in a very small village please name the nearest town to it)
Time of Birth (Please give your local time and do not adjust it in any way, if unknown please enter 12:00)

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