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Personal Consultation - Western and Vedic Astrology

During a personal consultation we will first look at your birth chart and will discuss your personality and the significant experiences in your life with a view for you to gain some clarity and insight into your present circumstances.

Second, we will look at the current position of the planets in relation to your chart. by transit, progression and direction and at the planetary period you are running and we will discuss your current situation. This may help you with any decisions you are considering.

In a personal consultation I will focus on one or several different areas in life such as family, home, finance, relationships, career, health, etc. When a very accurate birth time is given, I will look at the appropriate divisional charts.

Finally, should you require,we may explore ways in which you can set goals and learn useful tactics for coping with stressful situations. We may also discuss any negative attitude or response which you may wish to work on in order to bring about positive changes in your life and your relationships.

Book a Personal Consultation - Western & Vedic - £90

Full Name (As you wish it to appear on the Chart and on any Report)
Date of Birth (Please write the month by name not in numerals)
Place of Birth (Include town and country. If born in a very small village please name the nearest town to it)
Time of Birth (Please give your local time and do not adjust it in any way, if unknown please enter 12:00) )

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